If you received one of the VIP card offers at the DList Magazine 3 Year Anniversary Party, you have two options to choose from at Flourish Chiropractic Spa.

1. $35 for an hour initial session which includes injury/stress consultation, hot stone heat therapy, 20 minutes hot stone massage, 10 minutes of focused deep tissue massage, and a chiropractic adjustment.

2. $20 for a 30 minute initial session which includes injury/stress consultation, 10 minutes of focused deep tissue massage, and a chiropractic adjustment.

For a description of these services, click HERE

To schedule an appointment, visit www.flourish.genbook.com and choose the initial session option and type “DLIST” in the comment section or just call 206-851-2242. Please bring the offer card with you at the time of service.


If you aren’t familiar with Seattle’s very own lifestyle and entertainment magazine, DList, then it’s time for you to take notice!  The “D” stands for Dress, Drink, Dine, and Dance which happen to be four of my very favorite things!  So imagine my excitement when I was offered a page in the magazine in the November issue!  DList chooses a unique spa or salon in Seattle every few issues to highlight.  Swoon Boutique Spa which houses my business, Flourish Chiropractic, became the choice this month because of the unusual combination of spa treatments and a medical practice joining together!

On page 51 of the magazine, you can read about the philosophy of combining health and beauty.  As a Seattle Capitol Hill Chiropractor, I fully embrace the idea of diversity, quirky combinations and personal growth.  DList sent over Alix Hernandez to interview me and a Photography/Marketing team to visually bring to life what I am striving to create.

Alix Hernandez wrote “She (Dr. Kristi Smith) developed signature treatments that in their own way, strive to boost energy and help the body obtain its full reach of movement.”  I like the idea of treating neck pain, tension headaches, shoulder problems, and other traditional aches and pains that a chiropractor would treat in a much more comfortable and welcoming setting.  Giving up clinics with a medicinal feel, I searched the Capitol Hill area of Seattle for a place that would make going to the doctor’s office a truly pleasant experience.  As a long-time fan of the idea that life is all about health and self-confidence, I enjoy working in a space that is designed to make people look and feel better inside and out.  Alix summed this philosophy up in the November issue with the closing quote, “So the next time you need a pedicure, manicure, facial or spinal and extremity adjustment, make your way over to Swoon Boutique Spa, where health and beauty are one and the same.”

In the magazine you can see me doing one of my hybrid massage & chiropractic treatments on one half of the dynamic duo behind Image Pharmacy (the photographic & marketing team).

It was a blast meeting with the young, driven and talented staff of DList Magazine and I hope you all check out their November edition online here or in a hard-copy found in one of many coffee shops and Restaurants throughout Seattle.

Also found in the November issue are:

  • Nate Burleson & Deion Branch discussing football, family and their foundations that give back to the community.
  • Top Chef contestant Robin Leventhal
  • The FareStart Restaurant and it’s menu & mission.