Bai 5 Wonder Beverage

November 9, 2014


My favorite new discovery!  Coffeefruit, tea extract and vitamin C infused!  200 mg of damage-fighting antioxidants in every bottle to help you repair your body!  10 calories per bottle and delicious flavors make it my new favorite drink!


Ice or Heat?

February 18, 2013

Start with this…Ice won’t hurt you as long as you only do it for 20 minutes and have a barrier of towel or shirt between it and your skin.  You can ice several times with 40 min breaks in between “icings”.

Heat may make you worse!  Using heat on a new injury, a flare-up, or after an intense treatment will bring more blood into an already inflamed and/or swollen area.  If you bring more blood, it will swell more and get more irritated.  Heat may feel good while it’s on, but an hour or so later your injury may get much worse.  Just Ice if you are uncertain of which to do or seek a medical professional’s opinion after an evaluation.

If you are unable to get scheduled with Dr. Kristi, you should consider seeing Dr. Jason Scoppa.  He is new to the office and he uses a similar, gentle technique.  He also has great knowledge in nutritional supplementation and detoxing.

View His Website:  Elemental Health.

Did I Mention Massage?

February 28, 2011

Flourish has been busier than ever with our Living Social deal for massage!  The bonus of this is hiring new people to help out!  We now offer 3 different massage therapists.  Jen, Darcee, and Andy and each has their specialty.  Along with deep tissue and therapeutic massage, we offer craniosacral massage, cupping, ayurvedic work, and thai massage.  If you have any questions about these techniques, please call the office!

New ONLINE Scheduling

January 4, 2011

Flourish is switchin3g over to for all of our online scheduling needs so please discontinue the use of   The new system gives you and us more flexibility so please feel free to try it out!  We are trying to be sure we change all of our info over by January 3rd but we apologize if we miss anywhere the scheduling is posted.  Please let us know if we miss any!!!! You can email for any questions/suggestions.  To schedule online now, please visit:

Schedulicity Online Scheduling

Thank you!

Living Social Deal

December 27, 2010

Living Social is running a Flourish deal on December 27, 2010!  Tune in to to see what great savings and unique opportunities we are bringing you!

In the last 3 days at the U.S. Senior Open at Sahalee Golf Course outside of Seattle I worked with a team of 2 other Seattle chiropractors to treat the low back pain of volunteers and a handful of legendary golfers.  The opportunity to work at the 2010 U.S. Senior Open came from a long-time friend of mine (Harry Sese) who works with the Titleist Performance Institute to train better golfers.  Dr. Sese worked on several golfers while myself and another chiropractor worked to keep the 3,000 volunteers capable of standing still at their posts on uneven ground and concrete structures.  The low back pain epidemic highlighted the need for massage and joint care for the low back spine & musculature, hamstrings, gluteus muscles and even mid-back muscles and joints.

To view some causes of low back pain and possible exercises, click the link HERE Capitol Hill Seattle Chiropractor Kristi Smith talks about chiropractic. As a Seattle Chiropractor she wants to help others understand what chiropractors do and help heal. Read the rest of this entry »

If you received one of the VIP card offers at the DList Magazine 3 Year Anniversary Party, you have two options to choose from at Flourish Chiropractic Spa.

1. $35 for an hour initial session which includes injury/stress consultation, hot stone heat therapy, 20 minutes hot stone massage, 10 minutes of focused deep tissue massage, and a chiropractic adjustment.

2. $20 for a 30 minute initial session which includes injury/stress consultation, 10 minutes of focused deep tissue massage, and a chiropractic adjustment.

For a description of these services, click HERE

To schedule an appointment, visit and choose the initial session option and type “DLIST” in the comment section or just call 206-851-2242. Please bring the offer card with you at the time of service.

Local Seattle Rolfer and wellness blogger, Sukie Baxter, recently asked me if I would care to be a guest blogger on her site about the possible dangers of the HCG injection diet fad.  I had a few patients of mine curious about the diet and decided to research it a little further to give them an accurate idea of how dangerous it could be.  It’s really quite a brilliant discovery by the Roman doctor that started it all decades ago.  But as I’ve pointed out to my patients,

Just because it’s been around for decades and has a great philosophical idea behind it, it’s not guaranteed to be safe. 

To read more, visit Sukie’s blog and my posting HERE